Quickly tap into a $360B market with our white-label, turnkey solution.

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Youth banking seems to be all anyone can talk about right now, and rightly so. With the rise of app-based e-commerce tools and their collective $360B in spending power, the youth market is poised to revolutionize the banking industry. But beyond transacting, this customer segment will need a resource for managing and growing their wealth—that’s where your bank/CU comes in. By launching a new youth banking product you can invest in your future customers/members today and secure your financial institution’s future success. 

Don’t put your institution through the costly experience of building a solution yourself. Instead, leverage our white-label youth banking product and keep your brand, your BIN, your experience, and your customers.

Here are some things you can expect:

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Increase your
deposit count

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Triple your

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Grab your share of the
$92B youth banking market

Seamlessly integrate
with your systems

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Put an end to
your customer attrition

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About Us

REGO Payments
A secure Family Digital Wallet for your institution is possible with Rego

Founded in 2008, our certified COPPA and GDPR compliant REGO Digital Family Wallet Technology has been at the center of our development. We created Rego for financial institutions to offer their customers a secure way for their children to shop safely online in our web-centric world.

With Rego, banks and credit unions have a platform to help children manage budgets and track spending - all with parent supervision. It empowers and educates kids while keeping parents informed and in control.