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REGO has partnered with independent industry experts at Cornerstone Advisors to deliver a detailed overview on the family digital wallet opportunity.
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The banking potential of Generation Z and Generation Alpha

Generation Z (born 1995-2009) and Generation Alpha (born after 2009) represent two of the most populated generations in human history. Gen Z's disposable income in 2021 reached an estimated $360 billion. In this report, you'll learn about the spending and banking power of this generation.

The FOUR family digital wallet opportunities for financial institutions

Offering a family digital wallet can enable banks and credit unions to expand their customer base and offer new products to existing customers. In this report, learn about the four ways a family digital wallet can benefit your financial institution.

The THREE ways to implement a family digital wallet

Implementing a family digital wallet in your financial institution can be daunting. This report outlines a "Crawl, Walk, Run" methodology that can allow banks or credit union to start implementation, depending on where they are in their digital journey.

About the Author

Tristan Green brings many years of strategy, market analysis, and fintech product commercialization to Cornerstone Advisors.  As a director for Cornerstone’s Research and Fintech Advisory practice, Tristan works with a wide range of industry providers, fintechs, and investors and has authored a number of industry studies.  Tristan also plays a key role across a variety of Cornerstone Advisors engagements and has assisted hundreds of banks and credit unions with their Strategic Planning & Growth Initiatives, Merger & Acquisitions, and Digital Strategy. 

About the Cornerstone

Cornerstone Advisors is an independent management and technology consulting firm bringing innovative insights and strategic execution to banks, credit unions and fintech companies. The firm is also well known for its GonzoBanker blog and industry research including chief research officer Ron Shevlin’s annual What’s Going On in Banking study.

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A secure Family Digital Wallet for your institution is possible with Rego

Founded in 2008, our certified COPPA and GDPR compliant REGO Digital Family Wallet Technology has been at the center of our development. We created Rego for financial institutions to offer their customers a secure way for their children to shop safely online in our web-centric world.

With Rego, banks and credit unions have a platform to help children manage budgets and track spending - all with parent supervision. It empowers and educates kids while keeping parents informed and in control.