Rego Payment Architectures, Inc. Announces Beta Version of the OINK Payment System for Children

REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. (OTCQB:RPMT) Continuing the unprecedented pace of development for the OINK payment platform; (the Alpha version released in April just six months into development), Rego announces that it has demonstrated the Beta version of the application. This Beta release is a major milestone, setting the stage for the general release in September when it will be tested by 400 students of varying demographic backgrounds in four independent schools.

“Our ability to produce this complex application in the time frames we have achieved is based upon the solid architecture and original design conceived back in October,” says John Coyne CEO of Rego. “By utilizing the decision based capability of AI techniques embodied in the back end design, we were able to circumvent the normal tedious designs of previous era programming. Our Los Angeles front end programming team incorporated the process flows developed by Red Interactive Agency, (RED) the digital design agency based in Santa Monica, California. Red tested the interfaces with focus groups to ensure the best possible user experience; this allowed Rego to short circuit the process of development by working on the User Experience and the Back End architecture concurrently.” The benefits of this aggressive methodology are paying off, getting Oink’s payment system market ready in a highly compressed timeframe.  

Rego is now in the process of security testing to ensure that the system has all the protection it needs for transaction processing and data integrity. Rego’s partner, Cognition Concept, is improving scalability of the application in anticipation of a rapid adoption. “It’s not too soon to start planning for that wider market strategy,” said Coyne. “The Beta will teach us a great deal, and there will be a certain amount of time and effort to see to it that we get the most out of the testing phase, and incorporate those lessons into the launch-product, but I’m already looking beyond that.”

Rego will be soon announcing new members of our advisory board that will help in diversifying our payment markets and providing support services to ensure the most convenient of customer experiences. On a team conference call today John ended the call on a determined note by stating, “I believe in the product and all of its potential. All the research and testing suggests that the market and its targeted demographics are ready for this unique payment platform that we’ve designed with them in mind. We’re doing everything we can, with the resources we have, to set Oink up for success.”

Based in Palm Beach, Florida, REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. holds three technology patents, US Patent No. 8,762,2308,650,621 and 8,812,395.