REGO Announces Engagement of SKB Capital

REGO Payment Architectures Inc. announced today the engagement of SKB Capital to act as its financial advisor for both the firm’s capital requirements as well as its long-term corporate strategy to align with a major multi-conglomerate tech titan.


Suzanne E. Kecmer, CEO of SKB Capital, has a distinguished track record in both the cyber security and financial services sectors.  REGO believes the engagement of SKB Capital will provide strategic and investment guidance the Company needs in order for its cutting edge patented COPPA compliant payment platform to be launched.  “This engagement represents a significant milestone as we move forward to deploying a viable product and at the same time position the company for its corporate mission in launching the only COPPA compliant mobile payment platform for the 80 million 18 and under users who influence over $860 billion annually in spending.  Suzanne’s knowledge, experience and expertise in the cyber security market will ensure that the security protection that REGO has embedded in its platform will be well understood as a unique discriminator in the marketplace,” confirmed David Knight, CEO of REGO.


“We look forward to partnering with REGO to appropriately capitalize and swiftly proliferate its world-class technology,” said Suzanne E. Kecmer, CEO of SKB Capital. 


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