June 4 – 6    |    Austin, TX    |   Booth #500

Learn about how your financial institution can launch a youth banking product. Complete the form to attend our Youth Banking Lunch Session on Wednesday or setup a meeting time at our booth.

Attend our Youth Banking Lunch Session
Wednesday, June 5 at 12:30pm

Learn how to grow deposits and loyalty with a family digital wallet.

See a turnkey, white-label family digital wallet in action, where your FI owns the BIN, interchange, experience... everything. Learn how it can grow deposit accounts by 18% and nearly 3x customer or member loyalty.

Receive a print copy of the youth banking report by REGO and Q2.

REGO and Q2 present “Banking on Tomorrow,” the latest report that offers a comprehensive analysis of the financial habits of Generation Z and Alpha as well as their parents’ preferences for a youth banking solution.

Receive a sleeve of REGO branded Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

We can't promise it will improve your game, but we can promise you'll learn a lot about family digital wallets when you attend our session.
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About Us

REGO Payments
A secure Family Digital Wallet for your institution is possible with Rego

Founded in 2008, our certified COPPA and GDPR compliant REGO Digital Family Wallet Technology has been at the center of our development. We created Rego for financial institutions to offer their customers a secure way for their children to shop safely online in our web-centric world.

With Rego, banks and credit unions have a platform to help children manage budgets and track spending - all with parent supervision. It empowers and educates kids while keeping parents informed and in control.