Your financial platform for the entire customer lifecycle.

REGO’s platform was designed to offer your financial institution multiple ways to address the needs of your customers. From youth banking to elderly financial care, REGO can provide value at all of life’s major milestones. 

process of teaching kids financial responsibility

White-label youth banking: Your brand, BIN and systems.

Parents can manage how their kids earn, spend, save, donate, even invest - all with a product that features your brand and uses your BIN and systems.

Graduate youth accounts to adult checking, savings and more.

Once a child approaches 18, REGO's platform can help transition these customers to adult checking and savings so they can maintain loyal to your organization.

Launch a employer purchase card for small businesses.

Employers can offer corporate card capabilities to manage spend when their employees travel for work. Easily manage distribution of funds and control over spending.

Manage finances of elderly parents and protect their legacy.

Provide a debit card to aging parents to ensure their spending is within budget and prevent fraudulent activity. Ensure bills are paid on time so they can maintain their financial well-being.

REGO can offer solutions to any use case that requires financial controls.

If your financial institution has charities, fiduciaries, athletics programs, coaches or non-profits as customers, you can help them manage distribution and spending of funds easily with the REGO platform. Schedule a demo to discuss your specific needs. 

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A Parent-First Experience

With Rego, your customers are in full control of their kids’ financial activities, whether they’re selecting approved vendors or rewarding kids for completed chores.

Features for parents

Features for kids

About Us

REGO Payments
A secure Family Digital Wallet for your institution is possible with Rego

Founded in 2008, our certified COPPA and GDPR compliant REGO Digital Family Wallet Technology has been at the center of our development. We created Rego for financial institutions to offer their customers a secure way for their children to shop safely online in our web-centric world.

With Rego, banks and credit unions have a platform to help children manage budgets and track spending - all with parent supervision. It empowers and educates kids while keeping parents informed and in control.