REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. Unveils Payment Platform Allowing Minors to Transact on Merchant Sites that Present MazoolaPay

REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. (“REGO”) (OTCQB: RPMT), provider of an all digital-based service allowing children to make purchases anytime, from anywhere using their mobile devices, today announced MazoolaPaySM, a two-sided payment solution that connects merchants, financial partners and consumers through a COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant payment platform. Merchants are enabled to directly transact with children while maintaining privacy and consent compliance. Children can transact on-line or in-store, everywhere MazoolaPaySM is presented.


“This engineering achievement democratizes privacy, security and guardian-defined shopping experiences in such a way to enable children of all ages to financially transact directly with merchants. It cannot be ignored that the key features of MazoolaPaySM— no age restrictions, no usage of physical credit cards and security from violation of COPPA regulations –will forever fundamentally change the retail and financial services landscape globally,” said Suzanne E. Kecmer, Chief Executive Officer of SKB Capital.


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