A New Direction for REGO Payment Architectures, Inc.

REGO Payment Architectures, Inc.: A Family Focused Mobile Banking Solution.

RPMT, from it’s inception, has enshrined an important, ethical precept; giving parents oversight over the way their children use money.

We believe that by leveraging technology, we can give children the freedom to use financial interactions in the real, and digital worlds, while giving parents the ability to oversee and guide those choices to the benefit of their children.

We know that the marketplace today does little to provide these services, offering us a significant window into what is conservatively a $80 billion market. (Marketing VOX/Rand).

So how do we create a mobile banking solution, that functions as a peer to peer payment system, an IRL payment system, and creates an instantaneous oversight system, easily understood, used and adopted?

More importantly, how do we do this while keeping costs minimized?

We use technology, marketing, and innovative solutions to restore value to the company, and actively seek a partner with the resources to accelerate that development, and ultimately, to broadly market the product to the world.

By combining a small, adaptable team from a variety of disciplines, we can rapidly, and decisively reconfigure the assets in place, and bring in new partnerships that will multiply the value of the product. A working vision, a clear path to implementation, and an understanding of the obstacles will position REGO as a disruptive innovator with a powerful ability to influence the enormous, untapped market of teen/tween/child consumers and their families. Our target partners will be, TelCom Companies, Tech Firms and Banking Companies; strong companies with the financial wherewithal to progress our framework to fully realized product, and the reach to market the product to the broadest possible audience.

Our plan, outlined below is that vision, the obstacles, and the pathway to successful positioning for the company. 

A New Direction for REGO Payment Architectures, Inc.

We have shifted from prior management’s direction of creating a standard white labeling debit card system utilizing standard banking networks and are redirecting our efforts to instant Peer to Peer (P2P) transfers utilizing mobile phones and online systems with new unique and novel systems approaches that no competing alternative has.  This is important as this is where our target audience lives, plays and communicates.

Our new business model is an instant revenue generating membership system that provides the company with more flexibility in fund management and extra layers of security to protect member’s privacy and their transactions. Further, it streamlines revenue generation and reduces our cost of customer acquisition to near zero while removing the burden of onerous government regulatory licensing and controls.

To view our new business strategy and details, you will need to either be one of our current investors under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or apply for one.  As we develop our platform we will be making more information available through our investor relations page.