Meet your future banking customer, today.

Rego gives your institution a robust family digital wallet platform that is COPPA and GDPR certified to meet current and future privacy and security regulations.

Combine the trust of your financial institution with a Family Digital Wallet

Give your customers the ability to let their children make purchases, save, donate and invest in a secure, parent-first financial platform.

COPPA + GDPR Certified

Parent Verification

Spend, Save and Invest

Increase Customer Trust

Security-first digital family wallet platform

Over 5 years in development, Rego has received independent certifications to be fully COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) and GDPR certified. Your customers can rest assured that the transactions made by their children using Rego's platform is private and secure.

Integrate in your existing app or use REGO's white-label solution

REGO's family digital wallet features can seamlessly integrate into your existing banking app OR you can customize our standalone app with your company's brand. Every transaction is COPPA compliant and parent controlled.


Experience REGO for yourself!

Download Mazoola, our award winning family digital wallet mobile app that is built on REGO's secure technology.

"Graduate" child accounts to be your future customers

Rego understands that a child that banks with you becomes an adult that banks with you. Rego offers the process to transform a child account into an adult account. Start building the trust of your institution with your customer's children today.

A Parent-First Experience

With Rego, your customers are in full control of their kids’ financial activities, whether they’re selecting approved vendors or rewarding kids for completed chores.

Features for parents

Features for kids

Leaders in banking, privacy and payments trust Rego

About Us

REGO Payments
A secure Family Digital Wallet for your institution is possible with Rego

Founded in 2008, our COPPA and GDPR Certified REGO Digital Family Wallet Technology has been at the center of our development. We created Rego for financial institutions to offer their customers a secure way for their children to shop safely online in our web-centric world.

With Rego, banks and credit unions have a platform to help children manage budgets and track spending - all with parent supervision. It empowers and educates kids while keeping parents informed and in control.